Debt Consultation

If you are struggling with unmanageable debts or creditors are harassing you, a debt consultation to determine your options is an excellent place to start. We help clients with all types of debt issues, including tax, credit card, medical, and property debts. 


During your consultation, we will discuss your goals and concerns. We are focused on helping clients find their financial footing and get on a path to a better future. We will help you determine what type of debt relief you are eligible for under the law, and how we can help you if you decide to pursue debt relief. 

Chapter 7

Bankruptcy allows individuals, married couples and businesses when they can’t meet their financial obligations by excusing them from repaying some or all of their debt.


A “no asset,” or Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy can help debtors with minimal or no assets. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your property and debts and help you determine whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good fit. 


Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy initiates a protection called an “automatic stay” which stops creditors from contacting you, and other aggressive collection efforts, during the bankruptcy process. Harassing calls and messages about your outstanding debts will all be halted, giving us the time needed to get your paperwork in order, case resolved and taking the pressure off you while we do.


Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are resolved fairly quickly, within 3 to 6 months. 


Chapter 7 can absolve the majority of unsecured debt. We will advise you on which of your debts are eligible and the process for each of them. For eligible clients, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides a clean slate from which to build their lives. 


After your debts are discharged, you will begin the process of rebuilding your credit. Building credit will help you achieve goals like buying a house, car or other personal property.

Chapter 13

For clients who have property which they would like to keep or clients who do not meet the financial requirements of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 filing can help them reorganize their finances and debts to make them more manageable. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt is consolidated and reorganized. At the end of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have a monthly payment plan, which will be lower than the total debt you start with, and paying this in full is how you resolve your debts. 


Chapter 13 bankruptcy can greatly improve your financial situation by reducing debts and providing you with more favorable terms for payoff.

Tax Debt

Tax debt can get out of control rather quickly, especially during times of crisis or huge shifts in income or business revenue. If you are struggling with back taxes or ensuing tax debt, we can help you assess your situation. 


Through the offer in compromise process, in which we negotiate with the IRS to reduce tax debt, the IRS will grant a reduced tax obligation in cases where the taxpayer does not have enough money to pay and meets income and asset requirements. We can help you by negotiating with the IRS to reduce your tax obligations if you do not have the means to pay what you owe. 


We also help clients appeal cases that are not accepted on the initial offer terms. Sometimes this is necessary to get tax debt relief.